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Hoppers for Asycube 50 and 80


The hopper can be mounted easily onto the Asycube without the need of a specific tool. No specific cabling is required as the hopper actuator is already embedded in the Asycube 50 and 80 housing.

Hopper variants

Asyril offer the following optional hopper sizes and material:

  • For Asycube 50

    • Hopper 10 cm3

    • Hopper 110 cm3

  • For Asycube 80

    • 160 cm3

These hoppers are available in two materials: anodized aluminum or stainless steel (316L, 1.4435) for applications requiring FDA or medical grade material.

Additional options

Hopper height adapter kit

When a thicker plate is to be designed, the hopper height can be increased by a value HA by using the optional HOPPER HEIGHT ADAPTER - 50/80. HA max = 7.5mm.


Fig. 53 HOPPER HEIGHT ADAPTER - 50/80. HA max = 7.5mm

The hopper height adapter kit includes:

  • 3x 0.5mm shims

  • 3x 2.0mm shims

  • screws


Fig. 54 Content of hopper height adapter kit

Hopper fixation kit

For customers wishing to design and use their own hopper (different from Asyril’s standard options), it is possible to use the following fixing kit.


Fig. 55 Hopper fixation kit