First startup

This chapter guides you from unpacking your elements to the start of your Asycube.

Mount the Asycube

  • Unpack the Asycube

  • Use the holes in the base plate of the Asycube ( see Mounting the Asycube) to fix it to a solid base with the following screws :

Asycube 50


Asycube 80


Asycube 240


Asycube 380


Asycube 530



Refer to section Mechanical integration to get more information. A tight fastening of the Asycube to a solid base is necessary.

Connect your Asycube electrically

Connect your Asycube to a 24 VDC power supply with the optional power cable.


  • Incorrect wiring of 0V and 24V can cause irreparable damages and void the warranty.

  • Strictly follow the power supply recommendations described in Power connection.


24V PELV S-Power*


0V GND S-Power*


24V PELV Power


0V GND Power



* Safety-Power has to be supplied to use backlight or outputs.


Fig. 3 Asycube 50/80/240 (left) Asycube 380/530 (right)


Asycube 50/80

Asycube 240

Asycube 380

Asycube 530


24 VDC +5%

24 VDC +5%

24 VDC +5%

24 VDC +5%

Current consumption on Power

5 A

5 A

4 A [1]

6 A [1]

Current consumption on S-Power

1 A

3 A

16 A [1]

14 A [1]

Configure Ethernet communication (RJ45)

There are two ways to connect your Asycube. Either you choose to use our EYE+ system and can visit our documentation here . Or you can connect your Asycube to a computer and use our Asycube Studio software.

Change the IP address of your computer to be on the same network as the Asycube (Table 2).

Table 2 Asycube Default IP Address

Default IP address

Default subnet mask




Check How to change the IP Address on your Windows PC? if you need help changing your computer’s IP address.


Refer to section Communication to get more information.