What is in the box ?


Asycube sets new standards in small part feeding. Its 3-axis vibration technology allows fast and flexible feeding of small parts (0.1 mm to 150 mm) to a robot and a vision system.

The core of Asycube is a platform that can vibrate in three orthogonal directions. By selecting appropriate vibration signals, a high flexibility in displacing parts on the platform is reached (forward, backward, side wise) and flipping is made possible.


It consists of:

(A) Vibrating platform (optional).

(B) Electrical Interfaces (communication, power supply, I/Os…).

(C) Integrated Backlights (optional) that allows an easy recognition of the parts from a camera placed above. For more information on the backlight color and the procedure to exchange the backlight, please refer to Exchanging/installing the backlight.

(D) Integrated mechanism allowing to Remove the platform module easily without additional tooling.

(E) Removable hopper where the components are stored (optional) ( for the Asycube 50 and 80).


For more information on the procedure to control the platform vibrations, please refer to Asycube Studio.

Optional items

Depending on your application, the following optional items may be needed:


If the items received do not match to your order or are damaged, do not sign the receipt. Contact Asyril as soon as possible.