Asycube studio configuration


If you are using EYE+, the Asycube Studio software presented in this chapter should not be used. In this case please refer to the EYE+ user guide.


To install and execute Asycube Studio, you need the following elements:

  • Computer with Windows 10 or higher (64-bit)

  • Admin access to install the software for all users, otherwise local installation is possible


Latest version of Asycube Studio can be downloaded here.


Launch the executable and follow the installation wizard. Once finished, Asycube Studio window will open.


Fig. 4 Asycube Studio unconnected page


To connect to an Asycube, click on CONNECT ASYCUBE, or use the shortcut (CTRL + SHIFT + X) or click on Asycube in the application menu and select Connect Asycube.

Click on CONNECT on the first line to establish the connection with the Asycube. You will now access to the Home page.


Further information on installation can be found in the chapter Installation and Connection.