You are reading an old version of this documentation. If you want up-to-date information, please have a look at 2024.6 .


On the CONFIGURATION page (Fig. 107), you can get some information about the Asycube as well as set some settings. These settings are saved directly inside the Asycube and are valid for all recipes.


Fig. 107 Configuration page

Asycube Information

You can read here some general information about the Asycube, can be also read from the HOME page.


Fig. 108 Configuration page - Asycube Information

Lifetime Information

This panel gives some statistics about the Asycube Lifetime.


Fig. 109 Configuration page - Lifetime Information

  • Total uptime: Total amount of time the Asycube was powered on

  • Vibration duration: Total time the Asycube vibrated

  • Number of vibration: Number of vibrations triggered by the Asycube

Network Settings

You can change here the IP address and TCP Port of the Asycube.


Fig. 110 Configuration page - Network Settings

Before changing the parameters, Asycube Studio will ask for a confirmation as this will disconnect the Asycube.

After the change is effective, Asycube Studio will switch to unconnected mode and you will be able to connect to the new address.


Depending on the new IP address you chose, you will have to modify the IP address of your computer, see How to change the IP Address on your Windows PC? if you need help doing that.

Purge Settings

This allow you to enable the purge option when the purge mechanism is installed (see Purging platforms).


Fig. 111 Configuration page - Purge Settings

Enable the purge by toggling the button and click on SAVE to write the change into the Asycube. This will allow you to open/close the purge as well as add some purge actions into the vibration sequence in the recipe.


Do not enable the purge option when the purge mechanism is not installed. This could prevent the Asycube from working properly.


Do not forget to enable the purge option when the purge mechanism is installed. Failing to do so could damage the Asycube.


Once the purge is enabled, the cycle count will be displayed. Monitor this value as we recommend to change the actuator when this reaches 20 000 cycles.

Output Configuration

Asycube 240, 380 and 530 have digital outputs and the logic of these outputs can be configured.


Fig. 112 Configuration page - Output Configuration

  • rising_icon Positive Logic: The output changes from 0V to 24V when activated

  • falling_icon Negative Logic: The output changes from 24V to 0V when activated